Clinical Team


Tina Gaskin, RN, MSN, FNP, CCRC
Director of Clinical Research

CCRI is staffed by professionals in the following positions:
VP of Finance/Budgets, RN, Regulatory Specialist, CCRCs’, CRCs’, CRC assistants, and receptionist.


Luther St. James, III, MD
Board Certified Family Practice Investigator
Enid Burnett, MD
Board Certified Dermatology Investigator
Christopher C. Mai, MD
Board Certified Nephrology Investigator
Lowell Adkins, MD
Board Certified Family Practice Investigator
Amar Hemaidan, MD
Board Certified Gastroenterology Investigator
John William Meyers, MD
Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology Investigator
Loray Blair-Britt, MD
Board Certified Family Practice Investigator
Enas Iskander, MD
Board Certified Pediatrics Investigator
Mark Rubin, MD
Board Certified Ophthalmology Investigator
Carol Tanner-St. James, MD
Board Certified Family PracticeInvestigator


Rafat Iskander, PA
Nancy Mather, ARNP-C
Erin Maxwell, PA
Charkes Nesbitt, ARNP-C


John Emanuel, Pharm-D