Why Volunteer?

Advancing Medicine, Changing Lives

Do you ever wonder how medications such as Zocor®, Celebrex®, Viagra®, OrthoEvra® (birth control) or Januvia® (diabetes) get to you, the ultimate consumer? They all have one thing in common—they must go through a series of clinical testing. Century Clinical Research is a part of that process. We conduct clinical trials and studies by qualified physicians to evaluate an investigational treatment for a specific disease.

If you qualify to participate in one of our clinical research trials you will receive:

  • Free study medication
  • Free examinations by a doctor
  • Free medical procedures
  • A stipend to help compensate for time and travel

Study volunteers receive free study-related medical care, investigational medicines, and a monetary stipend to compensate for their time and travel. When you volunteer, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your involvement may ultimately help other people. Due to all the progress made through clinical trials, many people with debilitating diseases are living longer and with improved quality of life.

Current Enrolling Studies

We are currently recruiting for studies in the following areas listed below. To learn more about the areas listed and other areas of research conducted at our center, click on one of the links. This list will be updated frequently so check often.

Studies to Consider

Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease
Ankle Sprain
Sickle Cell Anemia