Clinical Team


Tina Gaskin, RN, MSN, FNP, CCRC
Director of Clinical Research

CCRI is staffed by professionals in the following positions:
VP of Finance/Budgets, RN, Regulatory Specialist, CCRCs’, CRCs’, CRC assistants, and receptionist.


  • Luther St. James, III, MD
    Board Certified Family Practice Investigator
  • Enid Burnett, MD
    Board Certified Dermatology Investigator
  • Christopher C. Mai, MD
    Board Certified Nephrology Investigator
  • Lowell Adkins, MD
    Board Certified Family Practice Investigator
  • Amar Hemaidan, MD
    Board Certified Gastroenterology Investigator
  • John William Meyers, MD
    Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology Investigator
  • Loray Blair-Britt, MD
    Board Certified Family Practice Investigator
  • Enas Iskander, MD
    Board Certified Pediatrics Investigator
  • Mark Rubin, MD
    Board Certified Ophthalmology Investigator
  • Carol Tanner-St. James, MD
    Board Certified Family PracticeInvestigator


Rafat Iskander, PA
Nancy Mather, ARNP-C
Erin Maxwell, PA
Charkes Nesbitt, ARNP-C


John Emanuel, Pharm-D